I haven’t spent much time being a lady

Get your weapons ready. I smell health
a mile away. His face and in fact whole neck turned so completely to the edge
almost like wearing a helmet, a pyramid. Reload and purchase
drill fuel. Rounds. Alternate rounds. Salt. A kiss-stone passed from one mouth
to my hand. It is pink and has a vein somewhere in it.

I could have seen. Side packs extra ammunition, chest cut with electric
spiral rivet. Hold the line, the shotgun and the line rack. As if
he was Isaac, he would swagger, Harry would ask,
Have you seen a little girl? James or Delta or Daniel, I actually wish
I could strafe like you, aim the lines of that cutter rig.

My kitchen floor had salt, my kitchen floor really did have glass
and gnawed bones. I really do put salt on the doorways.
I put salt under my tongue, it craves salt. I’m eating only salt
and may move on soon
when I say move it or when my men meet me in the panicked hallway.

My explorer, my engineer. Me, arctic in the hallway on my hands,
physicist, father, wife-killer. I engaged in
for the hold for the hold. Reload me.